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Bamboo Shrimp – A Complete Guide On This Freshwater Shrimp!

Bamboo Shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis) graces freshwater aquariums with its enchanting presence, captivating enthusiasts through its distinctive appearance and mesmerizing filter-feeding behavior. Originating from the fast-flowing waters of Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia and Thailand, these graceful crustaceans showcase unusual fan-like appendages resembling bamboo leaves. Wood shrimp become delightful aquarium additions with transparent bodies and a penchant […]

Betta fish with shrimp! Can Betta fish live with shrimps?

Betta fish with shrimps

In the aquarium world, one of the most fascinating combinations that has gained popularity among aquarium enthusiasts is Betta fish with shrimp. Known for their vibrant colors and unique personalities, Betta fish are often kept in solitary tanks owing to their territorial and aggressive nature—nonetheless, passionate aquarists like to have more than one species in […]