Rainbow Sharks – Size, Feeding, Lifespan, Tank Mates and Care Guide

Rainbow Sharks

Rainbow Sharks are fresh-water fish from the family of Cyprinidae. They originate from Thailand’s rivers, Southeast Asia. Rainbow Sharks are also known as Red Fin Shark, Ruby Shark, Rainbow Shark Minnow, Green Fringelip Labeo, Whitefin Shark, Whitefin Sharkminnow, etc. The Ocean Sharks that we know belong to the family of Chondrichthyes. They are jawed vertebrates […]

Types of Goldfish for Aquariums and Ponds – A Guide

Types of Goldfish

There are over 200 types of Goldfish currently in China. GoldFish come in all range of stunning colors, shapes, sizes, fins, eyes, etc. Selective breeding over centuries has produced several colors and types of goldfish. In ancient China, Gold Fish was a popular species among the elites. By breeding and cross-breeding over centuries, again and […]

Platy Fish – A Moon Fish or Platies or Mickey Mouse Platy, or Xiphophorus

Platy Fish

Platy fish is known as Mickey Mouse Platy, Moon Fish, or Southern Platy, which is native to Southern Mexico and the East Coast of Central America. Platies are fit as a fiddle and easy to care freshwater aquarium fish. It is a perfect beginner’s fish with a large range of colors and fins variations to […]

Red Cherry Shrimp – a complete guide to keeping Neocaridina Heteropoda

Red Cherry Shrimp

The Cherry Shrimp, Neocaridina Heteropoda, also popularly known as Red Cherry Shrimp, is a peaceful and dwarf freshwater crustacean native to Taiwan. Red Cherry Shrimp is great freshwater shrimp that can add colors to your aquarium. They are not just a brilliant-looking aqua-life, but also functional. While, its dazzling red color gives an alluring quality […]

Amano Shrimp – Caridina Multidentata: A Complete Aquarist’s Guide

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp are becoming more and more popular amongst the aquarists for its relentless freshwater algae-eating ability. Furthermore, they are peaceful, active swimmers, animated, and always in the lookout for food. They eat the leftovers and the debris on the aquarium floor. They are commonly known as Amano Shrimp, Japonica Amano Shrimp, Yamato Shrimp, Japanese […]

Kuhli Loach – A Comple Species Profile, Care and Guide

Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loach is also known as Coolie Loach, is a slender snake looking nocturnal fish. Kuhli Loach is a scavenger fish that dwell at the bottom cleaning. They enjoy burrowing in the soft substrate and stay awake all night long, scavenging your tank. This eel looking fish is shy with a peaceful temperament. Despite its […]

Java Moss – Vesicularia dubyana, Taxiphyllum barbieri: An Aquarist’s guide

Java moss scientific name

Java Moss is one of the most popular and uncomplicated aquarium plants. Java Moss is a Moss, which belongs to the hypnaceae family. It is native to Southeast Asia. It is quite prevalent in a wet tropical region and grows on tree trunks, rocks, riverbanks, creeks, and other waterways. Owing to its low maintenance and […]

Jack Dempsey Fish – All you need to know about this Cichlid

Jack Dempsey Fish

Jack Dempsey Fish is also known as Cichlasoma biocellatum Regan 1909, octofasciatum (Regan 1903), and nicknamed Manassa Mauler. It is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fishes. They are known for their fierce looks, vibrant colors, and great personalities. Although they are native to the rivers of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras, you can find their population […]

Ember Tetra – A Beautiful Addition to Your Aquarium

Ember Tetra - hyphessobrycon amandae

Ember Tetra is also known as Dwarf Tetra, Fire Tetra, Red Nano-Tetra. It is a vibrant tiny freshwater, tropical fish, native to Rio das Mortes, some 100 km before its confluence with the Braço Maior of the Rio Araguaia (the western border of the Isla do Bananal). State of Mato Grosso, Central Brazil.  This bright-colored, […]

Can a Fish Drown – How to prevent it from happening?

Can a Fish Drown in Water?

Can a Fish Drown? It is one of the many questions we ask ourselves when we think of Fishes. It might surprise you that a fish can drown. But, this would be termed suffocation or asphyxiation. If, a fish can drown, how to prevent it from happening? Let us continue reading!  How is it possible for a […]