Can Guppies Live With Angelfish – Are They Compatible Tank Mates?

Can Guppies live with Angelfish?

Both Guppies and Angelfish are popular among aquarium enthusiasts; Guppies are beautiful, colorful, and peaceful fish, and Angelfish are equally attractive and bright color fish; now, the question is can Guppies live with Angelfish? My answer is no; Guppies cannot live with Angelfish. Guppies are friendly and cheerful fish; they enliven any tank they live […]

Amano Shrimp Vs Ghost Shrimp – The Differences and Similarities

amano shrimp vs ghost shrimp

Amano shrimp Vs Ghost shrimp is a fascinating area to start your debate on while pondering over the idea of adding some shrimps to your community aquarium tank or a Shrimp tank. It’s not just the novice aquarists struggle to distinguish from Amano Shrimp to Ghost Shrimp as they both seem to have a similar […]

What Fish Can Live in a Bowl Without Oxygen? – A Complete Guide

what fish can live in a bowl without oxygen

What fish can live in a bowl without oxygen? Even for most people who already own a fish tank, the idea of having some of the fish in a fishbowl on their table or in a corner is fascinating. Are you thinking of petting fishes in a fishbowl? So, do you want to know what fish […]

Brown Algae on Aquarium Plants – Causes & Remedial Measures!

Brown algae on aquarium plants

Brown algae on aquarium plants and all over your tank is a common problem, especially in new aquarium tanks. Brown algae are also known as Silica Algae or Diatoms. For most new aquarium hobbyists, algae refer to green moss that floats in the water or forms on the rocks, decors, and aquarium glass. However, this […]

10 Easy Red Aquarium Plants Add Colors To Any Aquarium!

Red Aquarium Plants

Red aquarium plants are the desired aspects of the aquascaping. Aren’t you tempted by these vibrant when you see them in lively lit aquarium tanks? These beautiful plants create a tiny dreamy underwater world that looks alluring and gives you a miniature underwater vibe at your place. But do you know how to grow red […]

Types Of Cichlids That Can Live Together – An Aquarium Guide

Types of Cichlids that can live together

Do you know that the presence of Cichlids gives your aquarium’s atmosphere a funny and aesthetic elevation? One of the first things you would want to understand amongst many other questions is the types of cichlids that can live together to make your aquarium look awesome. Well, then in this article, you’ll undoubtedly find all […]

How Do Fish Sleep In A Tank? All You Need To Know!

How do fish sleep in a tank

How do fish sleep in a tank? Most living organisms sleep; it is an essential part of life. Fish is no exception to this; however, the water living organisms sleep or rest are different from land-living organisms. Most of us have this question, how do fish sleep? Mainly, the one who has an aquarium tank […]

How Long Do Goldfish Live Without Food In your Tank or Pond?

how long do goldfish live without food

How long do goldfish live without food? A question which perplexes the ornamental goldfish owners. The ornamental fish’s ability to survive under nutrient deprivation is a feat to such a small body. Generally, the size of the goldfish is only 4 inches in length. However, it can reach its optimal length of 8 to 12 […]

What Does a Tadpole Eat?-In The Wild and In an Aquarium: A Care Guide

What does a Tadpole eat

If you are keeping tadpoles as your pets, then the very first question to pop-up in your mind is, what does a tadpole eat? Well, the journey from a tadpole to an adult frog requires many weeks of growth and development. In the meantime, tadpoles search for foods that give them the proper nutrients to […]