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Bamboo Shrimp – A Complete Guide On This Freshwater Shrimp!

Bamboo Shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis) graces freshwater aquariums with its enchanting presence, captivating enthusiasts through its distinctive appearance and mesmerizing filter-feeding behavior. Originating from the fast-flowing waters of Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia and Thailand, these graceful crustaceans showcase unusual fan-like appendages resembling bamboo leaves. Wood shrimp become delightful aquarium additions with transparent bodies and a penchant […]

Betta fish with shrimp! Can Betta fish live with shrimps?

Betta fish with shrimps

In the aquarium world, one of the most fascinating combinations that has gained popularity among aquarium enthusiasts is Betta fish with shrimp. Known for their vibrant colors and unique personalities, Betta fish are often kept in solitary tanks owing to their territorial and aggressive nature—nonetheless, passionate aquarists like to have more than one species in […]

Can Guppies Live With Bettas? The Precautionary Measures!

Guppies and Bettas are both are popular in the aquarium world. Both are alluring colorful fish; so, it isn’t uncommon to raise the question, can Guppies live with Bettas? Guppies are one of the most common aquarium fish for beginners. Also, guppies are peaceful, which makes them an excellent choice for community tanks. However, you […]

What is a Paludarium? How To Set Up A Paludarium?

what is a paludarium

What is a Paludarium? A Paludarium is a vivarium that has both terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals. We will see in this article how to create a Paludarium, one for yourself at home. We all are pretty much familiar with the term aquarium; whether we know how to build or maintain it, we are […]

What Do Turtles Do In The Winter? Do They Hibernate Or Migrate?

what do turtles do in the winter

Turtles are reptiles that can survive both on land and the water, just like the amphibians. When we house a turtle or get curious about the turtles, we ask several questions how do they swim? Do turtles drown? How do they breathe underwater? What do turtles do in the winter? Do they hibernate like amphibians? […]

What is Infusoria? How To Culture Infusoria For Newborns?

What is Infusoria?

What is Infusoria? If you have landed on this page, either you are seeking information about feeding your newly hatched fry in your home aquarium or planning to breed your aquarium fish; therefore, you want to help the newly hatched fry to grow as most aquatic species do not exhibit any parental care, rather many […]

The Nitrogen Cycle In Aquarium – Why Is It Indispensable?

The Nitrogen Cycle in Aquarium

The Nitrogen Cycle, the Biological Cycle, the Nitrification Process, The New Tank Syndrome, Cycling Your Tank, etc., refer to the Biogeochemical Cycle in our ecosystem. Therefore, Nitrogen Cycle is an inevitable process in any water bodies such as Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, etc., and an aquarium tank is no exception. It is perhaps the most […]

Types of Freshwater Puffer Fish – An Aquarist Guide

types of freshwater puffer fish

Freshwater Puffer Fish are engaging fish species with their ball-like appearance and playful behavior. In recent times the different types of freshwater Puffer Fish growing in popularity amidst aquarists for their interactive and chubby nature. The Freshwater Puffer Fish comes in different colors and sizes. If you ever thought of adding few types of freshwater […]

What Fish Can Live in a Bowl Without Oxygen? – A Complete Guide

what fish can live in a bowl without oxygen

What fish can live in a bowl without oxygen? Even for most people who already own a fish tank, the idea of having some of the fish in a fishbowl on their table or in a corner is fascinating. Are you thinking of petting fishes in a fishbowl? So, do you want to know what fish […]

Types Of Cichlids That Can Live Together – An Aquarium Guide

Types of Cichlids that can live together

Do you know that the presence of Cichlids gives your aquarium’s atmosphere a funny and aesthetic elevation? One of the first things you would want to understand amongst many other questions is the types of cichlids that can live together to make your aquarium look awesome. Well, then in this article, you’ll undoubtedly find all […]