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Can Guppies Live With Angelfish – Are They Compatible Tank Mates?

Can Guppies live with Angelfish?

Both Guppies and Angelfish are popular among aquarium enthusiasts; Guppies are beautiful, colorful, and peaceful fish, and Angelfish are equally attractive and bright color fish; now, the question is can Guppies live with Angelfish? My answer is no; Guppies cannot live with Angelfish. Guppies are friendly and cheerful fish; they enliven any tank they live […]

What Fish Can Live in a Bowl Without Oxygen? – A Complete Guide

what fish can live in a bowl without oxygen

What fish can live in a bowl without oxygen? Even for most people who already own a fish tank, the idea of having some of the fish in a fishbowl on their table or in a corner is fascinating. Are you thinking of petting fishes in a fishbowl? So, do you want to know what fish […]