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What Kind Of Water Do Goldfish Need?

What kind of water do goldfish need

Goldfish are the most sought-after species in the aquarium trade. They come in various colors and shapes; although the popular belief is that goldfish are easy to care they all need clean air and water as much as any other species. So what kind of water do goldfish need? Well, goldfish thrive well in clean […]

Can Goldfish Eat Bread? Food That Goldfish Can (Cannot) Eat!

can goldfish eat bread

Goldfish are infamous for eating anything and everything that fits in their mouth; they are always hungry; under these circumstances, when you run out of fish food and have only a loaf of bread left in your pantry, the exact question that comes to your mind is, can goldfish eat bread? But is the bread […]

Do Goldfish Eat Other Fish? How To Prevent It From Happening?

do goldfish eat other fish

Do goldfish eat other fish? Well, this can be the first question flash on your mind when you introduce other fish into the goldfish aquarium tank. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced aquarist, you would want to consider fish’s temperament while keeping them in your community tank. You would not want your aqua […]

Can Guppies Live With Goldfish In the Same Tank?

Can Guppies live with Goldfish? Well! Guppies and Goldfish are the two most admired species in the freshwater aquarium world. Every once in a while, we all want to have all the best things together; likewise, most aquarists want both Guppies and Goldfish to share the same habitat. The answer to the question, Can Guppies […]

What Fish Can Live in a Bowl Without Oxygen? – A Complete Guide

what fish can live in a bowl without oxygen

What fish can live in a bowl without oxygen? Even for most people who already own a fish tank, the idea of having some of the fish in a fishbowl on their table or in a corner is fascinating. Are you thinking of petting fishes in a fishbowl? So, do you want to know what fish […]

Can Goldfish See In The Dark?- Some Goldfish Facts!

Can goldfish see in the dark

Do you have those glittery goldfishes in your aquarium? Well, then you must be one of those who look at them in the night and wonder can goldfish see in the dark? It is probably the most famous query of all those aquarists who pet a goldfish.  But do you know what the fun fact […]

How Long Do Goldfish Live Without Food In your Tank or Pond?

how long do goldfish live without food

How long do goldfish live without food? A question which perplexes the ornamental goldfish owners. The ornamental fish’s ability to survive under nutrient deprivation is a feat to such a small body. Generally, the size of the goldfish is only 4 inches in length. However, it can reach its optimal length of 8 to 12 […]

Why Does A Goldfish Turn Black?- Causes and Measures

Why does a goldfish turn black

Why does a goldfish turn black? Some of the Goldfish enthusiasts or owners must be wondering. Generally, goldfish are considered low maintenance pets. But, when it starts to turn black, the question that erupts in your mind is, why does a goldfish turn black? What can I do about it? How can I stop my […]

Why Is My Goldfish Turning White?- All the Probable Causes

why is my goldfish turning white

Have you ever wondered, “why is my goldfish turning white”? Is it a cause for concern? Why is it happening? Is there anything you can do to fix it? There are numerous reasons why this could happen, but most of the causes you can fix it. In this post, let us see the most common […]