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Caring For Java Fern – Types and Varieties of Java Fern

Caring for Java fern

Are you looking for useful tips on caring for java fern to keep your aquarium green and livelier? Well, if you are new at keeping a fish tank at your home, you must be thinking, which plant will be the best for your aquarium. From my personal experience, Java Fern or Microsorum Pteropus is undoubtedly a good […]

Brown Algae on Aquarium Plants – Causes & Remedial Measures!

Brown algae on aquarium plants

Brown algae on aquarium plants and all over your tank is a common problem, especially in new aquarium tanks. Brown algae are also known as Silica Algae or Diatoms. For most new aquarium hobbyists, algae refer to green moss that floats in the water or forms on the rocks, decors, and aquarium glass. However, this […]

10 Easy Red Aquarium Plants Add Colors To Any Aquarium!

Red Aquarium Plants

Red aquarium plants are the desired aspects of the aquascaping. Aren’t you tempted by these vibrant when you see them in lively lit aquarium tanks? These beautiful plants create a tiny dreamy underwater world that looks alluring and gives you a miniature underwater vibe at your place. But do you know how to grow red […]

Java Moss – Vesicularia dubyana, Taxiphyllum barbieri: An Aquarist’s guide

Java moss scientific name

Java Moss is one of the most popular and uncomplicated aquarium plants. Java Moss is a Moss, which belongs to the hypnaceae family. It is native to Southeast Asia. It is quite prevalent in a wet tropical region and grows on tree trunks, rocks, riverbanks, creeks, and other waterways. Owing to its low maintenance and […]