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Ghost Shrimp Molting Process and Common Problems!

Ghost Shrimp Molting

Ghost shrimp molting is a bizarre and confusing Physiological drama you would have noticed in your ghost shrimp tank or a community tank where Ghost shrimp is a tank mate.  Molting is an essential physiological process for all the shrimps to grow that includes Ghost shrimp as well. Like all the crustaceans, Ghost shrimp has an […]

How Many Guppies Per Gallon? How Many Guppies In A Ten Gallon Tank?

How many Guppies per gallon

Guppies are high-spirited species, are active and joyful; perfect beginner’s species. They are small fish and don’t occupy huge space. If you are a novice aquarist and contemplating the idea of having an aquarium tank with Guppies in it, you for sure ask the question, how many Guppies Per Gallon of water can you keep? […]

Can Guppies Live With Goldfish In the Same Tank?

Can Guppies live with Goldfish

Can Guppies live with Goldfish? Well! Guppies and Goldfish are the two most admired species in the freshwater aquarium world. Every once in a while, we all want to have all the best things together; likewise, most aquarists want both Guppies and Goldfish to share the same habitat. The answer to the question, Can Guppies […]

Can Guppies Live In Cold Water? What is the Ideal Water Temperature?

Can Guppies live in cold water

Can guppies live in cold water? – this is a common question raised by guppy lovers who live in a cold climate but want to add guppies to their tank. If you are here on this page, perhaps you are trying to determine whether you can keep them in cold water. The answer is not so […]

The Nitrogen Cycle In Aquarium – Why Is It Indispensable?

The Nitrogen Cycle in Aquarium

The Nitrogen Cycle, the Biological Cycle, the Nitrification Process, The New Tank Syndrome, Cycling Your Tank, etc., refer to the Biogeochemical Cycle in our ecosystem. Therefore, Nitrogen Cycle is an inevitable process in any water bodies such as Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, etc., and an aquarium tank is no exception. It is perhaps the most […]

Can Guppies Live Alone? Do They Get Lonely? Different Scenarios!

Can Guppies live alone

Can guppies live alone?   Guppies are novice-friendly freshwater species. Many novice hobbyists might ponder over the idea of keeping a single guppy in their new tabletop bowl or a small tank. After all, fishkeeping can be a luxurious hobby; not everyone could afford or have space for a large tank and maintain it; so you […]

How Many Goldfish In A 10-Gallon Tank? Is It As Important As You Think?

How many goldfish in a 10-gallon tank

Goldfish is one of the most beautiful, common, and oldest species in the aquarium hobby. This brilliant species comes in over 200 varieties, such as single-tailed goldfish, double-tailed goldfish, fancy goldfish, slim body goldfish, etc. To pet anyone or some of them, we need to ask, what is a good size tank for goldfish? How […]

Do Guppies Need A Bubbler? – Ways To Fix Oxygen In The Water

do guppies need a bubbler

Do Guppies Need A Bubbler? Like all living beings, guppies need oxygen to live; there are many ways to fix dissolved oxygen in the aquarium tank, such as filter, air pump, live aquarium plants, etc., and the bubbler is among one of the methods to improve dissolved oxygen level in the water. If you have […]

Caring For Java Fern – Types and Varieties of Java Fern

Caring for Java fern

Are you looking for useful tips on caring for java fern to keep your aquarium green and livelier? Well, if you are new at keeping a fish tank at your home, you must be thinking, which plant will be the best for your aquarium. From my personal experience, Java Fern or Microsorum Pteropus is undoubtedly a good […]