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How Fast Can Turtles Run? What Makes Them Run?

how fast can turtles run

Turtles and tortoises are known for their slow and steady pace; however, have you ever wondered how slow they can be? How fast can turtles run? Can they really run at all? If so, how fast can they run? As a matter of fact, Turtles are good runners only when the right moment comes; they […]

Can A Turtle Live Without Its Shell? Why Do Turtles Have Shells?

can a turtle live without its shell

Can a turtle live without its shell? A turtle shell or a tortoiseshell looks like an awesome armor suit! It’s natural for our little inquisitive mind to question how does a turtle look with its shell? Or can a turtle live without its shell? Well! What do you think? Can a turtle live without its […]

Why Do Female Guppies Attack Male Guppy? Different Scenarios!

why do female guppies attack male guppy

Why do female guppies attack male Guppy? On the internet, there are hundreds of thousands of articles proclaiming the peaceful nature of Guppies. I have written myself a few articles on Guppies professing the same thing; Guppies are calm, friendly species, easy to care for, are a great addition to a peaceful community tank, etc. […]

Why Do Guppies Eat Their Babies? How To Prevent It?

why do guppies eat their babies?

Guppies are popular among aquarists owing to their attractive colors, alluring looks, low maintenance, and facile to care. They are prolific and breed readily; if you are a guppy owner, you for sure know that they are not good parents and are infamous for eating their offspring. You might have seen the mother guppy devouring […]

What is a Paludarium? How To Set Up A Paludarium?

what is a paludarium

What is a Paludarium? A Paludarium is a vivarium that has both terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals. We will see in this article how to create a Paludarium, one for yourself at home. We all are pretty much familiar with the term aquarium; whether we know how to build or maintain it, we are […]

Are Turtles Born With Shells? When Do They Get Their Shells?

are turtles born with shells

Are turtles born with shells? is one of the questions that cross our mind at some point or another while looking at a turtle.  The neck retracting is a trait of turtles that can astonish us all; this unique characteristic naturally makes us wonder whether turtles are born with shells or not? If they are born […]

What Do Turtles Do In The Winter? Do They Hibernate Or Migrate?

what do turtles do in the winter

Turtles are reptiles that can survive both on land and the water, just like the amphibians. When we house a turtle or get curious about the turtles, we ask several questions how do they swim? Do turtles drown? How do they breathe underwater? What do turtles do in the winter? Do they hibernate like amphibians? […]

Can My Turtle Drown? How Long Can A Turtle Hold Its Breath?

Can My Turtle Drown

When you a pet Turtle, one of many questions that surface is that, can my turtle drown? It might make you wonder at 3 AM on your sleepless nights? Well, we often see them hovering on the land with their cute dwarf legs; also, you must have seen those videos where these tiny little turtles […]

What is Infusoria? How To Culture Infusoria For Newborns?

What is Infusoria?

What is Infusoria? If you have landed on this page, either you are seeking information about feeding your newly hatched fry in your home aquarium or planning to breed your aquarium fish; therefore, you want to help the newly hatched fry to grow as most aquatic species do not exhibit any parental care, rather many […]

Do Guppies Die After Giving Birth? Causes And Remedial Measures!

Do guppies die after giving birth

Do Guppies die after giving birth? Is it true? Female Guppies, after giving birth, suddenly may die; and sometimes, even while giving birth, she might die. The causes of Guppies maternal death are mainly due to stress, labor complication, poor environment, illnesses, and not to forget genetic memories. Guppy lovers can prevent some of these […]