Why are your fish in aquarium fighting? Why do they chase each other?

Why are your fish in aquarium fighting? Why do they chase each other?

Why are your fish in aquarium fighting? Why do they chase each other? How to stop fish fighting in aquariums? When it comes to owning an aquarium or two, most of us look to have a wide selection of aquatics of varied colors, shapes, and sizes in the same aquarium; seldom does one look to […]

What Kind Of Water Do Goldfish Need?

What kind of water do goldfish need

Goldfish are the most sought-after species in the aquarium trade. They come in various colors and shapes; although the popular belief is that goldfish are easy to care they all need clean air and water as much as any other species. So what kind of water do goldfish need? Well, goldfish thrive well in clean […]

Are Turtles Nocturnal Or Diurnal? When Do They Sleep?

Are turtles nocturnal

In nature, most species wake up as the Sunrise and reduce their activities as the Sunsets down, including humans; we are called diurnal; however, some species get active as the Sunsets down are called nocturnal. Somehow, we feel all the reptiles are nocturnal or assume they are nocturnal. So, in that connotation, we ask, are […]

Can Betta Fish See In The Dark? Do They Need Lights On At Night?

Can betta fish see in the dark

Bettas are one of the most beautiful and vibrantly colored fish that one cannot stop admiring and experience joy while looking at them in a tank exhibiting their colors and fins boisterously. Despite their aggressive and territorial nature, they are a treat to the eyes and senses. But if you are on this page, “can […]

Can Turtles Eat Bread? What Can You Feed Your Turtles?

Can Turtles Eat Bread?

Can turtles eat bread? Sure! Turtles can eat bread, but the question is whether it is right to feed a turtle bread, be it your pet turtle or turtle in the wild? If you are here on this page, then you are contemplating the idea of feeding your pet turtle or tortoise with your leftover […]

Can Guppies Live With Bettas? The Precautionary Measures!

can guppies live with bettas

Guppies and Bettas are both are popular in the aquarium world. Both are alluring colorful fish; so, it isn’t uncommon to raise the question, can Guppies live with Bettas? Guppies are one of the most common aquarium fish for beginners. Also, guppies are peaceful, which makes them an excellent choice for community tanks. However, you […]

Can Goldfish Eat Bread? Food That Goldfish Can (Cannot) Eat!

can goldfish eat bread

Goldfish are infamous for eating anything and everything that fits in their mouth; they are always hungry; under these circumstances, when you run out of fish food and have only a loaf of bread left in your pantry, the exact question that comes to your mind is, can goldfish eat bread? But is the bread […]

Can Turtles Eat Grapes? General Guidelines In Feeding Your Turtle!

Can turtles eat grapes

Can turtles eat grapes? Grapes are undoubtedly one of the healthiest and nutritious foods for us humans. However, is it appropriate to give them to your turtles? If you are willing to share your fruit bowl of grapes with your turtles, you would first want to know if it is suitable for them or not. […]

Do Turtles Eat Jellyfish? How Do They Eat Jellyfish Without Getting Stung?

do turtles eat jellyfish

Do turtles eat jellyfish? How is it possible for them to eat jellyfish?  Well! What turtles eat jellyfish depends on the species; some are herbivores, some are carnivores, and some are omnivores. Most of the turtle species are omnivores than herbivores. Broadly speaking, turtles are aquatics and omnivores, and the tortoises which live on land […]

Do Goldfish Eat Other Fish? How To Prevent It From Happening?

do goldfish eat other fish

Do goldfish eat other fish? Well, this can be the first question flash on your mind when you introduce other fish into the goldfish aquarium tank. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced aquarist, you would want to consider fish’s temperament while keeping them in your community tank. You would not want your aqua […]